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About Marcia



Kundalini Yoga

Akashic Record Reader

So Purkh Women's Chanting Circles

Oracle Card Reader

Healing Breath Practioner

My Story


    My name is Marcia and I am honored you have joined me here to share in my soul's adventure.    I have been on quite a journey in this life of pursuing what most people desire-love, peace, prosperity and joy in so many ways possible.  I have been co-creating with the Divine by tapping into the mystical (the Akashic Records and Divine Feminine Guidance) and exploring the physical realm (Kundalini Yoga, connecting to Mother Earth and creation-the Shakti).  My purpose in this lifetime is to be the Sacred Warrior in the Service of Love every day.  My mission is to share the ageless wisdom of the Akashic Records, the Divine Feminine and Kundalini Yoga with you to enliven, enrich and unearth your divine destiny according to the highest potential of your soul's blueprint.    
    I have spent the last 20 years practicing various types of yoga and dabbling in new age ideas.  I began my yoga practice in 1993 with Jivamukti Yoga in NYC. In 2004, I found Kundalini Yoga and fell in love with its high vibration and healing power. I am a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher who has been teaching since 2006. I bring my talents as an Akashic Record Reader to add extra elevation, healing and divine guidance to my yoga classes and Akashic Record Reading sessions. My inspired intention as a teacher/healer is to assist students/clients to open up to their Truth allowing them to fulfill the highest potential of their destiny.  

Kundalini Yoga, in addition to many other spiritual practices have led me on a fantastic, magical, mystery tour!  Aside from being a Kundalini Yoga teacher, I am a certified Healing Breath Practitioner with Celtic/Shamanic elemental initiations and an Akashic Record Reader, specializing in past lives.

I also love astrology, numerology, working with the lunar cycles and oracle cards so each class and reading is integrated uniquely with whatever cosmic aspects Spirit reveals as significant.
    I was not born to this path of teacher/healer, instead I took the long way around.  I was just a kid born in Upstate New York who saw ghosts, past lives and the future.  These peculiar talents were written off as my "imagination" and "not real".  After spending many years working in business and theater in Boston and New York City, I made my way to the west coast.  Many people have asked me why I moved to Los Angeles. The best answer I can give them is I followed the call of my destiny.  This is what I want for each and every one of us.  We are the co-creators of our divine destiny.  Let us be the artists of the Masterpiece of our lives.  The time is now.
 We are at the beginning of the Aquarian Age where the miracles of transformation are possible.  Know you are a unique being come to planet Earth for your own specific role to play in the tapestry of humanity.  Allow yourself the experience of the greatness of yourself.  Live your purpose.  Be Love!


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