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Akasha Shakti awakens within us as women when we begin to listen to the murmurs of our heart.  We live a heart-centered existence that is firmly grounded in alignment with our wild nature as part of Mother Earth.  We dance, we sing, we love.  We use our intuition to guide us through our lives fearlessly.  We love courageously, sensually and ecstatically.  We are here to make a difference in the world.  We explore our divinity enthusiastically and passionately.  We are women healing ourselves, healing the world.

My soul purpose is to connect with the Divine Feminine in all her aspects through the Akashic Records, Kundalini Yoga and Celtic Shamanic techniques to support women on their healing journey to unveil the beauty of their soul and live their divine destiny with love. 

The purpose of the feminine nature as women, the Shakti, is Love.  I work with women to heal past life trauma preventing them from moving forward in their relationships and lives.  I assist them in creating an elevated twin flame relationship, as I have been able to do, through divine guidance from the Akashic Records. 

I support women tapping into their wild, free untamed sacred nature as sensual beings to unleash the shackles from this lifetime and all others to fearlessly create a love-filled, inspired, passionate life.  I encourage all women to Be Love!

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