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2:2:2022 PORTAL

Next week, a dynamic portal of energy is opening up over February 1st and 2nd, 2022.

On February 2nd, the ancient Celts celebrated the annual holy day of Imbolc as the upcoming renewal of spring from the dark days of winter. In modern times, there are still those who continue to do so. This year it is being given a monumental boost of energy with the 2:2:22 portal. It celebrates Mama Gaia awakening from her slumber to once again potentially provide the earth with the bounty of new growth resulting in plentiful crops in autumn.

Imbolc is associated with the Irish Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid, keeper of the eternal flame who embodies maid, mother and crone. She is a Sun Goddess symbolized by fire with her bright red hair who brings protection, passion, new life and elevation to those that ask.

As a Triple Goddess, she embodies the cycle of the life of a woman and thus Mother Earth in her cycles of innocence, fertility and wisdom. Imbolc prepares us as crones as we once again enter the cycle of maidens preparing to be passionately romanced by the approaching light and warm weather to then become pregnant with possibility, creativity and abundance!

In later times, this holy day was adapted by Christianity as Candlemas, the awakening of light as the days became noticeable longer from Christmas/Winter Solstice. People would bring all their candles to church to be blessed so every time they lit a candle during the year, the fire would bless their house. It is evident that the fire symbol was carried over from the Imbolc’s association with the Goddess Brigid being she represents home and hearth.

Both versions of this holy day are celebrated with the imminent arrival of the warmth of Spring. Using candles and fire symbolized the approaching arrival of longer days, shorter nights and warmer weather.

In modern times, Imbolc and Candlemas have devolved into Ground Hog Day in the USA. However the meaning takes on a similar flavor with the anticipation that Punxatawney Phil will not see his shadow heralding that Spring has arrived (even though there may be 2 feet of snow still on the ground!)

This February 2, 2022 heralds a power portal of potential new light entering the earth plane. The heart of the universe from previous evolutions is now ready to open up new doorways to passionate sacred re-union within ourselves. It is time for us to upgrade to new way of being as we herald in the Aquarian Age.

Practicing a candle meditation, visualizing fire, practicing the Violet Flame or simply lighting a candle with awareness on February 2, 2022 will activate these dynamic new light codes. For some, these light codes could bring a desired beloved partner, for others it is a deep integration of self-almost a soul retrieval from all other realities to become fully dynamic within oneself and finally, the seeds of fertility will be planted for any and all types of projects-artistic, business and pregnancy.

Sexual healing can also be prevalent at this time, reclaiming ourselves from any past violations throughout time and space.

There is a consolidation that is happening with the field of this planet in this portal that raises the portal energy up to a higher version of 5D Reality, beyond what we even feel is possible. This is an Earthly upgrade through each and every human being on this planet.

Know that the Aquarius New Moon on January 31st/February 1st along with the Year of the White Tiger Chinese New Year set the foundation for new seeds to be planted in an unconditionally loving manner with our Starseed selves. Deep Galactic light codes only of the benevolent and unconditionally loving sort are ready to be activated on this Aquarius New Moon and then be further expanded and integrated on the following day.

Two is a number of balance and partnership. The highest vibration of this balanced partnership IS WITHIN OURSELVES. This is an opportunity for us to connect deeply throughout all planes of existence to bloom within us our deepest connection to our soul selves, our divinity and the divine activation of who we are as co-creations of the Source of all that is. This is the sacred partnership that sets the foundation for all sacred unions. It is time Beloveds. Even with no evidence on the 3D plane. It is happening Beloveds. Be assured. Trust. The Divine has it all in hand!


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